With what do I help?


I do keep an eye on IT infrastructures for more then dozens of Czech/EU companies. From machine optimalization to their monitoring and periodical backup controlling.


I bring value added with mobile phones and landlines by optimizing the costs and boosting productivity so employees can be as much effective as they can be. I can configure a IP PBX and with digitization and lower the expenditure for these services.


I do implement and document IT infrastructures. I create topological maps and by that I identify useless expenses. It helps to optimize the outlays.

Camera systems

I can propose and implement a full compley camera system out of the scratch that is secure, with wide coverage of the all objects and in high resolution. Additionaly I can set archivation of data and of course remote access.


I do create VPN company concentrators, so their data can be secure in theis office and even out of their office. It helps employees to work whenever, wherever.


As an Ex-ISP I can work fully with corporate WiFi solutions bringing signal even to the closest places with proposing and deploying a very secure, central manageable  WiFi AP on all kinds of technologies.

Mgr. Radek Vymazal

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Knowledge obtained in the last few years


The basics of my business idea was set at 11.09.2012.

My child (read Connectica s.r.o) shows at his logo two people – two founders who gave life to it.

I by myself have provided services for home users like:

  • Internet
  • Landlines
  • Mobile calling
  • Web pages
  • Camera systems
  • External IT caring about servers


Connectica s.r.o was founded at 09.03.2018 from the past knowledge and growing demand from corporate clients.



IT administrators

IT outsourcing (Firewalls, mailservers, application servers, database servers, file servers)

External IT admin (setting company politics, productivity management, security threat management)

Monitoring, log management, IT audits, periodical patch management


I do specialize at Proxmox virtual enviroment virtualization. We are a partner of Wiener Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH


After all those years as an ISP i have a nice knowledge of MikroTik. I have few certifications myself. I love firewalling.


I know products from GFI (KErio technologies) – Mailservers, firewalls, PBXs.

We do cooperate together for a while

My specialization